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Vegan Yarn Store was initially dreamt up in early 2013. I had visited a new local yarn store only to find that not a single skein of yarn was free from animal products! As both a long time vegan and knitter/crocheter I'd experienced problems like this before and had never given it any thought, but at that moment it dawned upon me that I couldn't be the only person experiencing these issues! I couldn't get the idea of creating a dedicated web shop for vegan crafters out of my head and over the course of a year, with a small budget and a lot of love, Vegan Yarn Store was born.

Launched on 14 February 2014, the aim of Vegan Yarn Store is to connect with the best commercial and artisan yarn suppliers to bring you the most comprehensive stock of yarns available to vegan crafters. I'm already working with stockists and indie dyers from the US and Canada, as well as here in Europe and have yarns from as far afield as India and Peru! While the stock list is still currently small I have every intention of growing the store and hope to become a big part of the vegan craft revolution (there is one, right?! Let's make it happen!).

In addition, not only do I always intend to be kind to animals, but I'm offering options that are kind to the planet too so wherever your moral compass points you will always be able to find something you love at Vegan Yarn Store.