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Why don't you sell animal fibres?!

As vegans, we eschew the use of all animal products in any form. Many people think this is a solely about food and although food is a big part of our lives veganism is bigger than just what we eat.

We make sure out toiletries, cosmetics and household products are ethically produced, do not contain animal products and have not been tested on any animals. We also ensure that our clothing contains no animal fibres and this extends to the yarns we knit and crochet with. We use no wool, no angora (rabbits fur), no silk nor anything else that has animal origins. These reasons span further than simply cruelty. Whilst animal cruelty is abhorrent, so is the use of animals in general no matter how well they appear to treated. Using other innocent creatures as property when there is absolutely no need to goes against our beliefs. We are living proof that it is easy and enjoyable to live without exploiting other sentient beings!

Sadly, when it comes to using animal fibres in crafts it is much the same as eating meat  - quantity and speed are of the essence - meaning that not only are animals kept as property but they are treated with utter disregard. These links will give you more information about the experiences some animals some animals go through in order to create the everyday products we use:

Sheep shearing

Sheep mulesing

Angora (rabbit fur)

Silk (this is a link to a non-vegan site however I still find the description of the process disturbing):

I'm having problems at the checkout (Safari/Mac Users)

I've had reports of customers using Safari on a Mac not being able to check out. I'm currently in contact with my web peeps to try and find a solution to this. In the meantime, please change browser and check out there.

Can discount codes be applied after I've ordered?

You must apply a discount code at the point of purchase. We are not able to adjust your payment after you have paid for your order and delivery

Can free UK shipping codes be used on international orders?

Due to the way the store backend operates it is possible to apply freee UK shipping discount codes to international orders. If you live outside of the UK and apply the discount code we will contact you with an invoice for the shipping. If we don't receive shipping payment within 48 hours we will assume you no longer want to receive the yarn and will apply a full refund to you. We love our international customers and wish we could offer free international shipping but it's so damn expensive!